that is the question i keep on getting. i just graduated from georgia state university with a masters in music composition. i guess that makes people assume that i should have some grand plan from here on out or something? but truth be told i haven't even bought a display case for the diploma yet.

"so now what?" this question can be received with fear or it can be received with life. i want to receive it with life. i'm not going to live in the fear of the unknown and uncertainty. i'm going to embrace it.

"so what now?" i work. i travel. i play. i write. i learn. i surf. i get inspired. i breathe. i live. just did a lot of traveling. took some pictures.

"so now what?" i am producing several artists right now, and that's been awesome. i love working and collaborating with people.  i am talking to some directors right now about their films. i am networking. so sure, there's a plan. but it's a little mundane. mundane can be discouraging. but it's the mundane that forms who we are. so mundane is essential.

in the georgia state university school of music news letter, i was asked to write about my musical journey, what it was like to be at gsu, and what's next. here's a link to that article. i also got featured on their website:

i just produced isaac austin's first single, daydreamers. isaac austin is a rapper, so this was definitely an experiment for me. daydreamers is unlike anything else i've produced before. but rap and epic music (i feel like) are kind of similar - you know, the intensity, emotional builds, etc. here's the link to daydreamers on itunes. here it is on my soundcloud:

i also just released my film score to matt dickstein's debut short-film, numbers. matt and i have been friends for a couple of years, and always talked about collaborating - so when he first showed me the script, i was all in. the film is super emotional (and a little dark), with a little redemption at the end. here are the two cues from the film:

"so now what?" i don't stop. i keep going.

thanks for listening,

jonathan maiocco