february 26th, 2015, i gave my graduate composition recital at georgia state university.

for those of you who are not familiar with music school, it is typically required for students to hold recitals/concerts in their chosen area of study - all of my performance focused friends had to give recitals on their primary instrument (cello, clarinet, etc.) for me, since i was in music composition, i had to give an hour-long concert of music that i wrote while in graduate school.

i don't typically post the concert music i write - but i would like to share a piece from this concert. it's called BKX 4275. i commuted to georgia state for about four years - it is about a forty minute/hour-and-a-half drive, depending on traffic. i found myself stuck in atlanta traffic all the time, surrounded by cars, just thinking to myself "busy people going places." i wanted to capture the feelings i had while commuting: the stopping and starting of traffic, the many different sounds (and horns), and the rhythm people eventually fall into when on the interstate. bkx 4275 is my license plate number.

i have to give credit to my amazing performers and friends - robert holley (soprano sax), joseph clark (alto sax), jared le doux (tenor sax), and caleb dias (baritone sax). they really did an amazing job!

also, here is a video of the piece for the world premiere, which was january 17th, 2015.

thanks for listening,

jonathan maiocco