it's been about a year since i've publicly released anything. i never stopped working, but i took a break from sharing. i needed time to find my voice, without the pressure of having to live up to the "expectations" i created in my head.

i also needed time to rediscover my love for music. i pressured myself to make a career out of music so much that i completely lost any desire for it. it's unfortunate, because i know i'm not the only one. so many people i know have gotten burned out by these unspoken expectations. it's a weird balance of passion and practicality. i want to do music...but i also need to make a living. but if i do music only to make a living, then i get burned out. ugh.

so i only have one goal in mind with moving forward - to enjoy it. every second of it. because if I don't enjoy what i'm doing, then it's not worth it.

in the silence, i've been working on my production skills. i've been writing a lot of songs. i've been teaching lessons at a studio down the street. i did an indie film score a couple of months back. i also had a couple of cool work opportunities. all fun things. and now...i'm ready to start releasing what i've been doing.

to be perfectly honest, i'm a little nervous. i'm heading in a new direction. uncharted territory. and i don't know if people (if you) will like it. it's taken a year for me to decide if i was going to go this new direction. i kept looking for the approval of others, people to tell me yes, this is good, keep going. and people did say that. but people also told me it wasn't good, and that i shouldn't. ultimately, i had to decide for myself - do i think this is good? do i enjoy this? do i want to do this?

the answer is yes.

i'm going to start singing and releasing original songs. yes, i'll keep doing instrumental work. i'll never get away from that. but i love singing and songwriting. so...that's what i'm going to do.

i'm going to first release some covers. then i'll release the originals. here's my first one.

i hope you enjoy it, and i'm excited to move forward on this new journey.

thanks for listening,

jonathan maiocco