so pumped to share this.

at my graduate recital, while i was in the lounge talking to people after the concert, a guy walked up to me and said, "hey. i'm andrew. i'm doing a film. you wanna do the music?"

months later, he came to my house and walked me through the story, showing me stills from the film he had just shot. it's called Catalyst. it's his first film out of school. and i don't mean like, indie feature. i mean full blown thriller. like, people's automatic reaction when they see it is, "wow, it's like a real movie." (which, by the way, is the best/worst backhanded compliment that can be given. but thanks for that.)

this past april and may, we sat down and did the score. working on the film was such a great experience, but i think the best part for me was getting to know andrew. andrew is confident in what he does, knows what he wants and doesn't want, and at the same time, isn't in the least bit arrogant. he's just all around one of the best people you'll ever meet. and his determination to do what he loves is contagious.

the cast and crew got to have a private showing. super fun.

the cast and crew got to have a private showing. super fun.

here's (some of) the soundtrack.

so yeah. that's one for the books. :)

thanks for listening,

Jonathan Maiocco