as an artist, i need to keep track of how my music is received (and in some cases, not received). for a long time, i associated my acceptance with the acceptance of my art – if you like my music, you like me; if you don’t like my music, you don’t like me. (note – this is a terrible way to live. don’t try it.) i eventually got over myself and started writing music for me. and if other people liked it, that was terribly convenient.

that being said - every now and then, i’ll go to iTunes and/or Amazon to see how my music is doing and what people think of it. the reviews make me laugh. some are so genuine, others not so much…it’s really a crap shoot.

so i've decided to blog about my favorite (and not so favorite) reviews. (let's be real - i'm scrambling for ideas to blog about. bear with me. but is anyone actually reading this? that's the real question here...)

without further are my favorite reviews. part 1.

let's meander our way to a little online music store called iTunes. here, we can find the first album i wrote called epic music. fortunately or unfortunately, i was eighteen when i wrote the album. personally, i'm not a big fan of's not mixed well, it needs some upgraded sound libraries...but, i'm still proud of it. kind of like the crazy uncle in every family i have a love/hate relationship with it. here are some reviews for that album.

dear gun gun bot kid,

i totally agree with you. if you want real epic music, look up Two Steps from Hell. they are the staple of epic cinematic music. but hey, i'm glad you like gut and glory! thanks for the five stars.


...really, i don't know what to say. like, seriously, i have no words. i'm happy for you though. you should definitely keep doing you're thing. let me know how that works out.

dear mr katrowski,

to be perfectly honest with you, i would give epic music four stars at well. (well, maybe three and a half, if iTunes would let me.) so thank you. and yes, Hans Zimmer is pretty great. do you know him? would love to meet him. if you could arrange an introduction, that'd be great. just let me know.

dear cowlicktenstein,

first...your username. what? is it like, frankenstein meets cow? seriously, i'm curious. second...were you just really bored on January 13th, 2015? cause you reviewed all of my music that day. all of it. i'm perfectly confused and honored. but in all seriousness - thanks. not even my mom has reviewed my music. you've gone above and beyond. i appreciate the magnificent adjectives, the (collective) fifteen stars, and the glowing reviews you've stamped my work with. if i ever need a hype man, i'll definitely give you a call.

that's it for today. if anyone cares, i'm off working on my next EP...

thanks for listening,

jonathan maiocco