I’m supposed to have some really boring third person biography written here but I don’t feel like doing that. So. Here’s the gist of me.

I am a music producer who specializes in writing cinematic music and pop music.

I currently live in Atlanta, but I’m trying to move West. (I don’t know where yet, but somewhere on the coast if I can.)

At 21, I got my Masters in Music Composition.

At 22, I managed to survive the post graduation slump.

At 23, I released four pop music EPs.

At 24, I took a well needed break to figure out I was gay.

At 25, I released one track of music a week for a whole year.

And now, I am 26. I am currently producing for some different artists and writing music for a contemporary dance that will release in 2020. I’m also contemplating getting a gym membership that I probably will never use, so that’s exciting stuff.

If you want to contact me, you can shoot me an email on this website.